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We maintain a listing of folks who have been recommended to us as possible subjects for future oral history interviews. These referrals are vital to the Museum's efforts to collect the rich history of those involved in farming and ranching, whether they are laborers, ranch managers, cowboys, county agents, veterinarians, educators, or longtime rural residents.

Do you know someone who you think has had fascinating experiences in the back roads of New Mexico? Someone with lots of stories about farming, ranching, or rural activities in the state that should be recorded for the future? If so, we would like to know about them.

Please contact Oral History Coordinator Donna Wojcik at (575) 522-4100 ext. 110. We'll ask you for the individual's name, why they should be interviewed, and as much contact information for that person as you can provide.

Thanks for sharing the names of people you know—they are an important resource for our Oral History Program and to help us fulfill our mission to collect and preserve the agricultural heritage of New Mexico!