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Lackey, Archie
Rural life in Cedarvale community.
Laumbach, Andreas "Red"
Covers the arrival of his great-grandfather and grandfather in New Mexico in the 1850s and provides details about his relatives. He describes life on the ranch, his schooling at the Menaul School in Albuquerque, and the various jobs he held.
Laumbach, Casimiro "Ike"
Details consultant's days working on several ranches in New Mexico, including the Bell Ranch and the OX Ranch near Springer. Describes his childhood and memories of his father's ranch in the La Cinta Canyon area.
Laumbach, Margaret Miller
Daughter of immigrants—father from Austria and mother from Volga region of Russia. Her childhood on a subsistence farm/ranch near Maxwell, N.M. Her education (to 8th grade) in a one-room school, then she attended junior high and high school in Springer, N.M., and one year of business college in Missouri. Married George Laumbach; together they managed the Clayton Ranch near Springer from 1940-1982.
Lazar, Betty
Her recollections of the Japanese interned at Camp Lordsburg, and later the German and Italian prisoners of war held there.
Lindbeck, Marinell and Lloyd
Consultant describes farming in the Radium Springs/Dona Ana area. Discussion regarding L.B. Lindbeck's inventions and patents on farm equipment that he manufactured in Las Cruces, N.M.
Livingston, Margaret L. (Myers)
Mrs. Livingston, who was still in school during the time in question, relates her memories of life in Lordsburg during World War II, including the town's attitudes toward the camp, social life in the town, items made by some Japanese detainees, and some of the work done by the prisoners of war.
LoPopolo, Carlos
LoPopolo's life work tracing and preserving Spanish heritage horses. Through the New Mexico Horse Project, LoPopolo has done extensive research and DNA testing in an attempt to prove that the horses he has on his preserves are the direct descendants of the horses of the Spanish Conquistadors.
Lovelace, F. Roe
Sheep and cattle ranching in southern New Mexico.
Lujan, William "Bill" Bronson
Cattle and sheep ranching in the Clayton, N.M., area. Owning and operating a mercantile in Des Moines, N.M. Commentary on the Hispanic culture of Northern New Mexico.