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Gard, Wanda
Ranching in the Clayton area during the Dust Bowl era.
Gibson, Bessie Stiles
Mrs. Bessie Gibson relates her family background and that of her husband, Jim Gibson. She tells of her childhood in Texas and New Mexico. Most of the interview focuses on her life in the Farmington, N.M., area before and after her marriage.
Gillie, Warren
Narrative covers his career in the Army, concentrating on his work with German prisoners of war (POWs) in Lordsburg, Las Cruces, and Fort Bayard, N.M.
Glover, Charles
Glover describes the study of agronomy, his involvement as an agronomist with the Extension Service, and his work as a seed breeder.
Gnatkowski, Janice
After a brief discussion of how her forebears came to New Mexico, the interview covers the consultant's life on the ranch from her early childhood to the present.
Gottwald, Allie Sue
The interview details the consultant's career with the New Mexico Extension Service.
Grüber, Wilfried
Grúber, taken prisoner in North Africa in 1943, was imprisoned in the United States until the summer of 1946. He spent one year at Camp Roswell where he worked harvesting cotton.
Gracie, Jack
New Mexico mining camps with an emphasis on Dawson.
Green, Austin "Slim"
Early data concerns Green's parents and their settlement in Texas. Chronological report of Green's life, service in Army during World War II, progress and work as a saddlemaker, demonstrations on his techniques, specific information regarding the "Pony Track" saddle design.
Guzmán, Alfonso
Paperboy for Italian and German POW camp located near present day Young Park. Miscellaneous recollections beginning with Civilian Conservation Corps use of camp through post World War II.
Guzman, Felipe G.
Worked as a laborer at Stahmann Farms during school vacations from 1944-1946. Worked with German prisoners of war (POWs). Discusses a reunion with one former prisoner of war in 1998.