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De Ruyter, Edward

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Mr. De Ruyter describes how he came to be in the dairy business in New Mexico, how he grew the business, operations during the year and speculation on the future.

Interviewee Edward De Ruyter, male, born in 1945
Date Range 1973-2001
Date & Location August 17, 2001, De Ruyter residence
Project Farm and Ranch Folks
Region Southwest New Mexico
Number of Tapes 1
Transcribed September 20, 2001
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Tape 1, Side A

The interview begins with a discussion of how DeRuyter acquired his first and subsequent dairies. Why he milks Holsteins instead of other breeds of milk cows, and the types of feed given to the cows is discussed, as well as water sources, water uses, and the volume of water needed to run a dairy. There is an indepth discussion regarding the number of cows that are dept at the dairy, how often the cows are milked, and milk production per cow. DeRuyter says that dairymen from California have settled into the area. Employees, shift schedules, disease prevention, and the changes DeRuyter has seen in the dairy industry in his lifetime are discussed. He discusses the future of dairying, the resurgence in the demand for butter, and other environmental issues.